Good for you gizmos

Pacemakers, laser surgery and even paper gowns were once considered revolutionary, but even in today’s ever expanding world of technology, many concepts far surpass anything we ever thought possible. Some of the current health related technology floating around out there is simply blowing my mind! These amazing gadgets on the horizon make me giddy with anticipation.


Defibrillator Drone

Imagine dialing 911 to help someone in cardiac arrest. Now imagine it is rush hour, and the ambulance may take a while to get there. Nervous? Who wouldn’t be? Maybe you know CPR – or maybe you don’t, but you probably do know that oxygen does not get to the brain of a person without a heartbeat. Feeling helpless?

Now imagine your relief when a drone with a defibrillator arrives by your side within minutes – and a live streaming webcam brings you face to face with a paramedic who instructs you on exactly what to do. Amazing, right?

A Dutch engineering student developed this prototype “ambulance drone” that even tracks emergency mobile phone calls and has a GPS locator to find you quickly – this thing flies at 60mph!

Understandably, this genius prototype is getting a lot of attention. Methinks we will be seeing ‘ambulance drones’ in the very near future.

Leave it to the Dutch – clogs, chocolate and now emergency response drones! Wonderbaar!



The Cuff

If Get Smart, Project Runway and Fitbit had a baby, it would probably be The Cuff. The Cuff is wearable brilliance – fashionable jewelry with potential lifesaving value.

First, it conveniently vibrates when you get an important call or text, and monitors your physical activity – that’s just the beginning.

The main component can be easily popped in and out of a number of darling jewelry pieces. And it gets even better…

In case of emergency, the wearer simply squeezes the module, which sends an alert to their pre-programmed list of contacts – letting them know there is trouble, including a GPS mapped location and live audio!

The Cuff also allows you to store pertinent info such as medical history, allergies, medication, etc. I love this thing!

The Cuff is expected to start shipping March 2015. I pre-ordered mine already. Welcome to the generation of Smart Jewelry!


Robot Caregivers

We’ve come a long way since The Jetsons had Rosie. Nowadays robots perform brain-surgery! So sci-fi right?

With rising healthcare costs and an aging population, groundbreaking technology has answered the call for progress. Countries such as Japan and Sweden are leading the way in developing robots that provide safe, reliable, 24/7 companionship for people in need of assistance. The robots provide mental stimulation, monitor vitals, and dispense medication. Some even lift patients out of a chair or bed. Affordable, consistent and independent living for the elderly could soon be available in this very robotic C3PO way.

Arguments suggest robots lack the human element, and while that may be true – the need for a solution to provide care for the elderly trumps the ‘human touch’ issue. Note: robots don’t get tired, lose patience, or have unions. Are you following me?

Hard to imagine? Check out the movie Robot and Frank, a futuristic movie starring Frank Langella, about an older gentleman with a robot caregiver.

The Swedish robot Mobiserv is by far the most realistic and super cool prototype – I could totally see something a lot like it available in the next decade. (Fingers crossed!) Of course, that means Apple would have to launch the iCareBot. This could so happen!



Let’s face it – healthcare is a mess. Something’s gotta give! In a world with so much uncertainty, there is a strange comfort in knowing change is inevitable – it’s ideas like these that make it easy to be hopeful for the future. I can’t wait to see where this all goes!

I’m okay with the idea of the eighty-nine year old me being looked after by the iCareBot 6 Plus.

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