These Three Things: Worth waiting for

Someone recently asked, “Why did it take so long for someone to design luggage with wheels?” Yeah, what is up with that? Until 1970 we schlepped to and from airports heaving around suitcases like buffoons. Oof! Wheeled bags were worth the wait.

These three things are brand spanking new brilliant ideas that were also absolutely worth waiting for.

Hövding: The Invisible Helmet

My favorite form of city transportation is the bicycle. I am not alone in my love of urban biking – bike share programs are popular internationally. The snag? Helmets. They save lives but are a pain in the ass to carry around, look ridiculous on everyone and ‘helmet hair’ is never a good look. Vanity, schmanity – it’s true.

Helmets reduce the chance of head injury by 85%. Of the millions of Americans who ride bicycles, less than half wear a helmet.

Thankfully a couple of Swedish chicks stepped up to bring the world the innovative invisible bike helmet called, Hövding. Sounds like something out of Harry Potter, right? It is basically an airbag for your head.

Hidden in a stylish fabric collar, Hövding is made up of small sophisticated sensors and gyroscopes that in an eighth of a second magically deploy a protective hood over your head and neck upon impact.

Hövding costs around 500 USD, but is not yet available in the US. However US residents may order online, with free delivery and returns.

In the Netherlands the helmet is available at most retailers and comes with insurance, providing free replacement after an event resulting in deployment of the airbag.

Sheer genius – makes me proud of my Swedishness! Jag älskar Sverige oh cycling! 


Have you ever stopped in your tracks and asked yourself….”did I take my medication today?” You have? Then PillPack is for you.

This is one of those “why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-sooner?” services. PillPack puts each dose of your medications in the same sealed packet, stamped with the date and time of your scheduled dose.

Take twelve pills at 8am? They are all in the same packet marked 8AM.

Take only one tablet at 2pm? It is in it’s own packet marked 2PM.

Additional fab features:

~ They call your doctor and insurance for refills and authorizations.

~ They also send a text massage before delivery to check for updates.

~ They accept most insurance plans – it’s the same as using your pharmacy but you don’t need to leave the house.

~ Free home delivery!

Perfect for people who take multiple meds daily and kids or elderly peeps who may be forgetful. Heck it’s great for everyone – it eliminates the clutter of all those medicine bottles and time spent counting pills to make sure you take all the right ones. Love PillPack for travel too!

In a recent study of one hundred thousand patients, 35% didn’t take their medications as directed – which costs our healthcare system approximately 250 billion dollars a year.

Now you can know for sure if you took your meds, including the correct dose, at the correct time. Happy Medicating!

Rapid SOS

The United States 911 system as we know it, was developed in the sixties. Yes, it is older than rolling luggage. Which makes it as archaic as rotary phones, transistor radios and black and white television. Ugh.

According to the FCC, each year eleven million 911 calls get dropped, and over ten thousand deaths occur due to inaccurate location information – because 73% of 911 calls come from untraceable mobile devices.

Our current 911 system has millions of dropped calls, no way to locate mobile callers, and speaking is essential. Um…twenty-eight million Americans are hearing disabled, yet we have an emergency system that relies almost solely on speaking to and hearing each other. Even if the caller is not deaf, what about language barriers, safety (hiding from an intruder, domestic violence, etc) and the obvious possibility that the caller may be injured or in distress rendering a non-verbal caller totally helpless?

Rapid SOS is an app that uses “One-touch-911” technology, which is exactly what it sounds like. Just one touch of a smartphone sends emergency responders the type of emergency and the exact location. That’s only the beginning!

The system also:

~ Alerts the user’s family of the situation.

~ The screen is simple to understand for users of all ages.

~ No need to speak one word – help is on the way!

Rapid SOS technology is accessible in the U.S. and globally. The app is expected to launch in 2015. Sign up for the app now. They are currently running betas and pilots in the Northeast.

Ya see? Good things really do come in threes – just like pigs, stooges and the Hanson Brothers. MmmBop! 

Sydology had to spotlight these three things because they are so deliciously exciting – it’s almost silly to think how genius finds a way of happening in places you didn’t even know you needed it. And, similar to rolling luggage – some things are totally worth the wait. Just ask Caitlyn Jenner.