Have a happy healthy…

All That’s Well to Tell PODCAST Episode One

It’s Sydology’s first podcast! How exciting, and just in time for the holidays!

Starting out simple for episode one, with basic tips on sick prevention, delish home ‘remedies’ and a few mindful management reminders when feeling under the weather – wishing a happy healthy season for all.

Enjoy the Podcast!

Show Notes

EPISODE ONE: Have a happy healthy….

Even if you had a wonderful year you’re probably ready to leave this year behind and move headfirst into the coming year and all it has to offer. But in some places, that means starting the new year smack dab in the middle of cold and flu season.


Plenty of rest and proper hydration will keep your immune system ready-to-roll if a virus comes calling. Get six to eight hours of sleep per night and drink at least six glasses of water daily.

Get your flu shot if you haven’t already. *Influenza incubation period is one to four days. People with the flu are contagious for one day before symptoms start and up to ten days from onset of symptoms. The virus is transmitted via large airborne droplets or direct contact –the virus may live on certain surfaces for up to 24 hours.

Keep your surroundings clean.

  •  Remove shoes when you get home – leave germs from the outside world at the door.
  • Wipe down ‘touchy’ surfaces, at home and in the office, at least once a day with antiviral wipes. Switch out hand towels daily and body towels twice a week. Change bed sheets once a week and pillow cases at least once a week – more often of you are ill. Always change your toothbrush is you have been sick, to avoid reinfection.
  • Wash hands frequently and carry hand sanitizer. Check out Sydology’s new favorite thing: Dr. Bonner’s lavender hand sanitizer spray. What’s so great about lavender? Gosh, just about everything


Wake up the immune system 


Cover your cough and sneeze! It’s more than etiquette, it helps stop the spread of germs. Be sick (if you must) but do it responsibly.

Share your thoughts and secrets on staying healthy. Find and follow Sydney!


Be well, be safe and have a happy healthy everything!

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