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All That’s Well To Tell PODCAST Episode Two

Let’s start the new year with the best of new ideas. Sydology finds these three new medical devices extraordinary…


Enjoy the podcast!

All three of these innovative medical devices push past the barriers of conventional medicine and end up in some interesting places. Each device was created in a different country, has a purpose in a unique part of the body and is expected to make a meaningful impression in 2016.



Cluster crusher: Pulsante™ SPG Microstimulator System

From? Germany

Who? Created by Autonomic Technologies, Inc. and co-inventor plastic surgeon Dr. Francis Papay.

What? Neurotransmitter with remote control.

When? Now available in Europe.

Where? Implanted deep in the face near the nose, next to the sphenopalatine ganglion (nerve bundle), inserted through an incision in the upper gums.

Why? Treatment of cluster headaches.

Previous treatment was? Medications and oxygen therapy, with unpredictable relief.

News? Now in clinical trials in US. Awaiting FDA approval. First implant in NYC was in 2015.



Bend me your ears: EarFold

From? United Kingdom

Who? Created by plastic surgeon Dr. Norbert Kang.

What? Thin nitinol (metal alloy) implant covered in 24 carat gold.

When? Now available in Europe, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. Major international props!

Where? Implanted under skin of pinna (front of the ear), inserted through a small incision, grips onto cartilage.

Why? Treatment for protruding ears.

Previous treatment? Surgical procedure, otoplasty.

News? Allergan in process of acquiring EarFold. Awaiting FDA approval.



Musical tampon: Babypod

From: Spain

Who? Created at the Institut Marquès.

What? Pink silicone vaginal speaker that connects to a smartphone via a cord (accessed with an app).

When? Now available online at

Where? Manual insertion into pregnant woman’s vagina.

Why? Auditory stimulation with music to assist in early neurological development of fetus beginning at sixteen weeks.

Previous treatment? Headphones applied to pregnant belly.

News? Product launched in late December 2015, at the first concert for foetuses!


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